Your Ultimate Guide to Luxury Bus Service

Aug. 7, 2020

What are your pet peeves with group transit? Leg room? Uncomfortable seating? Flexible ticket change policies? No outlet to charge your devices? You might be missing out because you’ve been overlooking one of the best value travel packages you haven’t thought of: luxury bus services.

What do I get with luxury bus services?

Depending on what carrier you ride with, you might get as much as everything you might want to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Extra-comfortable wide leather seats, extra leg room, drink holders, free digital streaming, Wi-Fi, and electrical outlets.

With the right luxury bus service, cross-country travel can feel like it’s like a flight, but without having to take your shoes and belt off for the TSA and without being nickel-and-dimed.


Where can luxury bus services take me?

Thanks to America’s great highway system, anywhere the carrier goes! Most carriers are regional, and service the area around a major city. Depending on the region, you might even take a luxurious trip to Canada or Mexico.

At Best Bus, our luxury Prime service takes you anywhere we go, with service to New York City, Washington D.C., Delaware and Virginia.


Is it really that much better?

Yes, absolutely. If you’re travelling by bus, you’ve already made a decision to take a relaxing trip, so why not relax even better? Guarantee yourself space, seat quality, timeliness, clean and well-stocked onboard washrooms, and all the amenities you could desire to keep yourself entertained and connected. Put simply, luxury bus travel is a first-class experience you can share with your friends.


BestBus is one of the top travel bus companies that provides state of the art luxury bus services to New York, Washington D.C., Delaware and Virginia. Not only will you have a truly unforgettable experience with your friends or family,but we also guarantee that you will always arrive on time and you can reschedule your trip at any time without any extra costs.


Feel free to give us contact us at (888) 888-3269 to learn more about obtaining tickets with Best Bus Prime, your new luxury bus service!