Why You Need to Visit Washington, DC

Mar. 1, 2021

So, are you thinking about taking a vacation this year? One amazing destination where you can enjoy our bus service is Washington, DC. Regardless of your age, or what you like to do, Washington, DC, has a little bit of something for everyone. If you’ve never been, you might be curious as to some things you can do.


Well, our BestBus team has highlighted some things you can do, and what makes Washington such a fabulous place to take a vacation.


  • Monuments & Museums.


    Washington, DC, is famous for its political atmosphere and historical monuments and buildings. Many who visit come specifically to see the Capitol Building, the Washington Monument, American War Veteran’s Memorial, and more. It truly is a great opportunity to see our history and appreciate our country and past heroes.


    Pro Tip: Call in advance to learn about deals or bookings to ensure you get the best prices and options for yourself and your family.

  • Take in the Local Neighborhoods


    Local DC neighborhoods offer trendy cafes, restaurants, and other great things you can also take in. If you’re looking for a convenient way to take in the area, try a hop-on hop-off bus tour that will take you through some great places, and allow you to explore other areas at your own pace.

  • Entertainment & Drinks


Once the sun has set, that doesn't mean you have to head back to your hotel. In fact, Washington, DC, offers a vibrant nightlife with many bars and other great entertainment options. A place like the Hook Hall gives visitors the option to enjoy some German ale out on their fabulous patio.


For those looking for an elegant and more of a “date night” experience, there are a variety of great restaurants to choose from like the Fancy Radish. Be sure to try to book in advance to ensure you can get a spot and enjoy their amazing menu.

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