Why Traveling By Bus Is Such A Great Choice

Mar. 14, 2021

When people are looking to travel between NYC, Virginia, DC, or Maryland, they often overlook one of the best modes of travel: luxury coach buses.  Buses don't get as much press as other types of travel, but that just means people who know about luxury buses get to enjoy the best type of travel around the area - and often getting some great bus travel deals along the way.

If you've never taken a luxury coach bus for a trip, here are just a few reasons you definitely should give it a try!

Five Reasons That Taking A Luxury Bus Is the Best Way to Travel

1. Low prices

When it comes to low-cost travel, you can't do much better than bus travel deals.  With tickets often costing less than $20 per person, it's easily the most economical way to travel.  It might even be less expensive than driving yourself, considering gas prices these days.

2. Plenty of luggage (and it won't get lost!)

If you're tired of dealing with restrictive luggage policies on airlines, along with the constant worry about your luggage getting lost, you have to travel by bus.  You are generally allowed at least three pieces of baggage as part of your ticket, with few weight or size restrictions. And you'll always know your bags are right there with you at all times.

3. Easy scheduling and rescheduling

Suddenly have the urge for a spur-of-the-moment trip?  Chances are, you can get a bus ticket just a few hours before departure.  The processes for buying a bus ticket are extremely easy.  Rescheduling is easy as well.  (Our BestBus Prime members get free rescheduling!)

4. Travel in comfort

How do big, padded, leather seats sound?  How about armrests and personal trays?  Would you like plenty of legroom as well?  Then you want to take a luxury coach bus.  You won't find a more comfortable ride anywhere on the ground.

5. Free entertainment

Forget about paying for Internet access.  Any good luxury coach bus company these days offers free WiFi as standard, along with electrical outlets so you can keep your devices charged.  There's often free movie streaming too, with a great selection.  You won't run out of things to do when you take the bus.

BestBus has been leading the area in comfort, amenities, and bus travel deals.  If you want to see the bright lights of a new city, click here to reserve your ticket!