Tips on Practicing Responsible Traveling


The awe-inspiring architecture of Washington, DC, the bustling energy of NYC, and the soothing embrace of the ocean – these are compelling reasons to explore the United States. Yet, while long-distance travel offers tremendous advantages, it can also bring drawbacks like heightened pollution and reduced familiarity with your surroundings. To ensure a fulfilling and responsible journey that respects the environment and prioritizes safety, we at BestBus have crafted a concise guide for conscientious travelers. So, if you’re booking a bus ticket from Virginia to New York, or vice versa, follow these tips to ensure you’re being a responsible traveler. 


1. Let Your Family and Friends Know About Your Travel Plans


Keeping your loved ones informed about your travel plans is essential. Share your itinerary with friends and family, so they can stay informed about your whereabouts. Make it a habit to check in with them regularly and inform them promptly of any changes to your schedule. Having a support network watching out for you is vital, particularly when you're in unfamiliar territory. Prioritizing safety is paramount when you're on the road.


2. Book a LEED-Certified Hotel

Hotels that have achieved LEED certification are dedicated to sustainability. They adopt a range of eco-friendly practices, including the use of energy-efficient LED lighting and the incorporation of 'green roofs' to reduce waste and decrease carbon emissions. These efforts contribute to a greener and more environmentally responsible hospitality industry.


3. Opt for Sustainable Travel

Make an environmentally conscious choice by selecting eco-friendly transportation methods. Consider buses as an excellent option. A single bus can replace as many as 56 less efficient vehicles, alleviating traffic congestion and boasting up to four times the efficiency of air travel. Additionally, buses provide comfort, affordability, and a range of fantastic amenities, making them an excellent choice for green-conscious travelers.


4. Stay Mindful of Your Environment

While it's important to be environmentally conscious, it's equally vital to prioritize your personal safety. Amidst the thrill of travel, remember to remain aware of your surroundings. Create a location marker on Google Maps to pinpoint meeting spots, share your whereabouts with loved ones, be observant, and trust your instincts if you sense discomfort. These straightforward precautions ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.


5. Minimize Trash

Properly dispose of your trash, even in regions with limited sanitation infrastructure. If locals resort to improper disposal, make the extra effort to dispose of your waste responsibly. If recycling options exist, take advantage of them.


During peak tourist seasons in vulnerable areas, trash becomes a concern. Responsible travelers avoid roadside littering by holding onto their trash until proper disposal is available. While locals may still employ local methods for waste disposal, setting an example plays a vital role in preserving the environment in these fragile regions.


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