Why Take a Bus From Delaware To NYC- Top 7 Benefits

Mar. 26, 2020

There’s nothing like exploring the city that never sleeps with your friends or family, and a road trip and change of scenery always lead to a good excuse for fun. You’re probably thinking about driving down from the Pine Tree State, but there’s a lot of planning to consider if you do. Why not make it as easy as possible and take a bus from Delaware to NYC? We’ve thought about it. Here are seven great reasons why.

1) There’s a reason why nobody drives in NYC

This might seem like the most obvious, but it’s hard to overstate how important it is. You can get by in NYC fine without your own car. Taking a bus into the city means less traffic, less parking, and less hassle.

2) Everybody travels together

What’s the point of a group experience that isn’t experienced as a group? With a bus trip in from Delaware to NYC, you’re not losing friends who need to stop for bathroom breaks, or having to fight with kids who want to view every roadside attraction.

3) It’s greener

The trip down to the city from Delaware is only four hours. But more cars means more greenhouse gas emissions  – both ways.  Buses are three times more efficient than private vehicles, and you’ll be happier doing your part to make sure your grandkids will have an NYC to visit of their own.

4) It’s more relaxing

Between wider seats, tons of legroom, and driving being the driver’s job, it’s just easier to travel by bus. You can nap, enjoy streaming videos, or surf the internet using the on-board Wi-Fi, all while making the hard part somebody else’s problem.

5) It costs less than you think.

No, really, it does! Between gas, tolls, data, and stopping for food, driving down with a group down can get pricey. If you’re a good shopper, taking the bus from Delaware to NYC can save everyone some money, and give you more time to bond.

6) You can still choose your own travel times

Many leading coach services offer multiple departure options during any given day. Some of the best coach services offer free reservation adjustments to their customers, which means you won’t be stuck waiting around for your next chance to go home.

7) You get home refreshed

No night driving. No hangover-driving. No searching for rest stops. You get in, you sit down, and you’re good to get home. You can have all the fun the Big Apple has to offer, without having to worry about how your energy levels can affect others.

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Note: Delaware beaches update: Due to increase in cases in DE, service is suspended for the remaining of the season. We hope to resume service next Memorial day.