See DC for Less on A New York To Washington DC Luxury Bus

Aug. 29, 2019

Washington DC has a bit of a bad reputation, and we don't just mean all the politicians.  It's well-known for being an extremely expensive city, and a lot of people think that means they can't even afford to go there on vacation.

Well, that's not the case!  DC is full of free attractions if you know where to look.  Better yet, if you take an affordable New York to Washington DC luxury bus from BestBus, you can ride in style while saving even more money!

Six Great Budget-Friendly Activities in The DC Area

1. See the Mall monuments

All of the amazing monuments in the area of the Mall, like the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial, are free to visit.  You can even see the top of the Washington Monument for free, although you might want to pay a nominal fee ($1.50 per) to reserve tickets ahead of time since they're otherwise first-come-first-served.

2. Visit the Botanical Gardens

A lot of people don't even realize there's a full botanical garden just off of the Mall.  It's a state-of-the-art facility, and while it isn't huge, it stuffs an impressive amount of plant life into a small climate-controlled space.

3. See the REAL money-makers

If you've ever wondered where the cash in your wallet comes from, The Bureau of Printing and Engraving offers free 40-minute tours of its facilities on most days.  Just don't ask for a free sample; they hate that.

4. Visit the Ford Theater

The infamous location of President Lincoln's Assassination is still a working theater (which charges for tickets), but it's also a free museum and historical site dedicated to the memory of Honest Abe.  There's also more museum space dedicated to Lincoln just across the street.

5. Catch a free show at Fort Dupont Park

Fort Dupont Park is a popular attraction throughout the year, thanks to its many nature walks and educational exhibits.  However, it's also known for hosting a variety of musical and theatrical shows - for free!

6. Explore the Library of Congress

With more than 128 million items, the Library of Congress is the biggest existing library anywhere in the world - and it's open to the public.  It's also a jaw-droppingly gorgeous building with some of the greatest architecture in the city.

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