Once You Have Bus Tickets To New York, The Fun Is Just Beginning

Aug. 8, 2019

When you need a quick getaway, nothing beats picking up some bus tickets to New York and leaving your old life behind.  The Big Apple is one of the most vibrant, lively, and constantly surprising cities in the world - making it the perfect option for a weekend escape from the daily grind.


You'll never see everything in New York in a weekend of course (or even a lifetime of living there) but everyone should go at least once - and see some of its most impressive sights while it's there.


Four Great Things Everyone Should Do In New York City


1. Visit Central Park


You simply cannot visit New York without taking a stroll through central park, one of the most impressive inner-city green spaces in the world.  This engineering marvel forever changed how Americans viewed urban planning.  Today, it remains a refuge of nature in the heart of the big city, providing numerous paths to explore and a large lake to enjoy.


2. See Ellis Island


How could you come to New York and not say hello to Lady Liberty?  Whether you visit the historical gateway on foot or cruise by on a boat or helicopter, the Statue of Liberty is by far the most famous monument in North America and an absolute must-see.


3. Go window shopping on Fifth Ave


Home to some of the world's most impressive - and expensive - shops, Fifth Avenue is a haven of high-end shopping.  You probably won't want to buy anything, but you could easily spend an afternoon simply seeing what's on display, and watching the people come and go.


Plus, the stretch on the Upper East Side (from 82nd to 105th) is home to nine museums in a span only slightly longer than a mile.  So, you've got plenty of options for things to see! 


4. See Times Square at night


Times Square is impressive any time - but when it's lit up at night, there's truly nothing else like it.  From the iconic Coca-Cola sign to the ever-evolving set of advertisements for Broadway productions, Times Square is a neon-drenched feast for the eyes - and with plenty of shops and restaurants to see as well!


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