Life Hacks for Staying in DC on a Budget

Oct. 24, 2019

Washington, DC can be an expensive place to stay if you don't know the tricks to save money in the city. Whether you are taking a luxury bus tour from NYC to DC, or moving there permanently, there are a few things that you need to know to save money and enjoy the countless attractions in the DC area.


The team at Best Bus has listed a few ways that you can enjoy your time in Washington, DC without breaking the bank.


Tips for staying in DC on a budget


Avoid DC traffic jams


If you are thinking about buying or renting a car during your time in Washington, you may want to consider cheaper, more efficient options. Washington is a great walking city with so much to see at practically every street corner. This is why walking tours are popular for short-term visits, however, you will also find locals making their way through the city by foot or with the convenient bike rentals available across the city. Another affordable travel option is the metro system, which allows passengers to avoid the crazy traffic at street level with the reliable rail system in Washington.


Explore quiet hideaways


For such a busy city, Washington boasts several serene hangouts where locals and visitors can unwind and enjoy the quiet. The impressive public library is an example of this, featuring a spectacular array of books. There are also many parks and gardens hidden around the city like the beautiful Dumbarton Oaks garden and Battery Kemble Park.


Opt for monuments off the tourist trail


Every tourist comes to DC wanting to see major attractions like the White House, but Washington boasts many other attractions that will have shorter lineups and free entry like the African American Museum or the National Zoo. Many of these attractions can be found on the National Mall, making it a fun place to explore on a budget.


Arts and Entertainment


The art and culture in Washington are exciting and easy to explore on a budget. Museums such as the Smithsonian organize free activities regularly where locals and visitors congregate. If you are a fan of live music, you can also catch a show any night of the week for free at the Kennedy Center.


Enjoy Luxury Buses from NYC to DC


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