Helpful Tips for Your Next Bus Trip to Washington DC

If you're preparing for a visit to Washington, DC, there are some essential things to keep in mind before you embark on your trip. Your goal is to ensure a great experience and to prioritize the attractions that matter most to you. Here, we at BestBus have compiled some crucial tips for those visiting Washington, DC by bus for the first time.


Pick the Best Time of the Year


Summer is a popular time to visit Washington, DC, especially for families. However, it's important to keep in mind that DC is known for its hot and humid summer weather, so it's worth considering your comfort level before planning a summer trip.


On the flip side, if you opt for a guided tour, you'll have the advantage of air-conditioned comfort for most of your journey, which is a significant perk for those traveling during the summer months.


Spring and fall are fantastic times to explore the city, with the added bonus of witnessing the beautiful cherry blossoms in DC. Winter, while quieter in terms of visitors, has its own appeal despite the cold weather. You'll have the opportunity to admire holiday lights and the national Christmas tree during this time.

Plan to Visit the White House in Advance


If you're interested in visiting the White House, it's important to plan ahead. While many people are satisfied with taking photos of the White House from the street, if you want to go inside for a tour, you can't simply show up and expect to get in.


To visit the White House, you must follow a specific process. First, you need to reach out to a member of Congress at least 21 days before your desired tour date to request access. If you're not a US citizen, you should coordinate with your embassy to obtain approval for your visit. Once you have your travel dates for Washington, DC, it's a good idea to start the planning process if you intend to tour the White House.


Visit Potomac River


Washington, DC has a waterfront, and one of the best ways to explore a different aspect of the city is by taking a Potomac Riverboat cruise. In addition, there are several other water-based activities you can enjoy, such as kayaking on the Potomac River, taking a ride on paddle boats in the Tidal Basin, or going on a Duck boat tour. Be sure not to overlook the harbors in the vicinity, particularly the Washington Harbour in Georgetown and the National Harbor in Maryland.


Take Advantage of Free Attractions


As with any major international capital, visiting Washington, DC can be quite expensive. The good news is that you can save a significant amount of money by focusing on activities that are free of charge. All of the Smithsonian museums, including the National Zoo, are free to enter. The same goes for all the monuments and memorials throughout the city.


Moreover, many of the art museums and galleries, such as the National Gallery, the Hirshhorn, and the Freer and Sackler Galleries, also offer free admission. Additionally, you can spend your time enjoying the beautiful parks and green spaces scattered across the city. Consider packing a picnic lunch and plenty of water, and you can easily have a full day of enjoyment in DC without spending a single dime.


Wearing Proper Footwear is the Best Way to See DC

Washington, DC is a city that's easy to explore on foot, which is often the most enjoyable way to discover its neighborhoods and charming districts. Even if you opt for a guided city tour, you'll likely need to walk quite a bit to reach the various attractions from the parking areas.


Our top recommendation is to prioritize comfort over style when it comes to your footwear. Choosing shoes that keep your feet happy will enhance your trip's overall enjoyment, as you won't have to deal with sore feet along the way.


Explore Delicious Cuisines in Washington, DC

In a city like Washington, DC, you can expect to find a thriving food scene. The culinary landscape in Washington, DC is diverse, offering a wide range of ethnic cuisines to fit various budgets. If you're interested in sampling international flavors, head over to Adams Morgan, where you can find options like Ethiopian, Lebanese, Nepalese, and Afghani cuisine, among others.


If you're unsure where to begin your food adventure, you can start by exploring a list of dishes to try in DC. There's a mix of local favorites, bistros, and even world-class restaurants waiting for you to discover.


Save Money on Accommodation


Hotels in the city can get quite pricey, especially during the week, with rates sometimes reaching as high as $400 per night. However, if you're looking to save some money, there are good quality hotels available in the areas surrounding DC for approximately $100 per night, which can be a substantial cost-saving option if you're on a budget.


Consider searching for hotels located near a metro station in places like Rosslyn, Crystal City, or Falls Church. Staying in these areas allows you to easily access the National Mall in 30 minutes or less by hopping on a train, depending on your specific location.


Seeing DC by Bus and Metro are the Best Ways


Drivers in Washington, DC are known for their haste, and the traffic can be quite frustrating. If you want to avoid turning a nice afternoon in the city into a stressful experience stuck in traffic or hunting for parking, consider utilizing the public transportation system as it is an efficient way to get around. There's really no need to deal with a car here.


If you're interested in exploring areas outside of DC, such as Old Town Alexandria or George Washington's Mount Vernon estate, you can opt for a guided tour. These tours will take you there comfortably and stylishly, eliminating the need for your own vehicle.


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