Four Fun Things to Do in NYC For the Chinese New Year

Jan. 8, 2020

Visiting New York City during the Chinese New Year is always exciting due to all of the special events taking place in the Big Apple. You can choose from a wide range of fun activities, whether you are watching firework celebrations or exciting dance performances. Taking a bus from Delaware to NYC is a great idea for a truly unforgettable experience.

Here are the top things to do in New York City for the Chinese New Year

1. Lunar New Year Parade and Festival at Chinatown

The Lunar New Year parade and festival at Chinatown is always a vibrant and colorful display of dragon dancers, floats, and marching bands. You can also check out plenty of food during all of the parade activities. The Lunar New Year Parade is also free and open to the general public.

2. The Temple Bazaar

The Temple Bazaar is an amazing sight to see during your trip to New York City. The Chinese New Year is always celebrated with bright red lanterns that float throughout the streets. You can also enjoy Chinese music and amazing martial arts demonstrations or learn about ancient Chinese crafts.

3. Lunar New Year Firecracker Ceremony in Chinatown

The Lunar New Year Firecracker display in Chinatown is always a favorite attraction due to the countless fireworks being launched into the sky. You can also view amazing dance performances once the ceremony is over. The firecracker display is free to the public, or you can schedule a Chinese-themed dinner cruise on the beautiful Hudson River during this vivid display.

4. Philharmonic Lunar Concert in New York

The New York Philharmonic Lunar Concert is another popular destination during the Chinese New Year. You can check out a wide range of musical acts, such as Zhou Tian, Texu Kim, Gershwin, or Chen Gang and He Zhanhao for a truly unforgettable experience while you are visiting New York City.

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