For the Best Bus Travel Deals, Look to Luxury Buses


Does it feel like travel is too expensive right now, and you're thinking about skipping that trip you have planned?  Don't. Many people overlook the possibility of taking a luxury bus ride to their next destination, even though they can be the absolute best in bus travel deals.


If you've never looked into luxury buses for travel, here's everything you need to know!


What Is a Luxury Bus?

Just like the name sounds, these are buses specifically designed for comfort, while bringing you all the amenities you'd expect from a luxury train or first-class air flight - but at much lower prices. Bus travel is one of the least expensive forms of travel, but that doesn't mean it has to be cheap.

You typically get:


·         Huge comfy seats

·         Tons of leg room

·         Easy storage for any amount of carry-on

·         Snacks or drinks

·         Free Wi-Fi

·         Free streaming movies/shows

·         Free electricity through personal power sockets

·         And much more!


Why Take a Bus Rather Than Flying?

Because it's so much simpler and easier, not to mention less expensive. Airports are a nightmare today, full of checkpoints, and with passengers expected to arrive several hours ahead of time so they can stand in endless lines. Luxury buses let you board and go, with far less hassle.

Also, the ride is far more comfortable as well. Better seats, more leg room, more amenities - it makes you wonder why people bother to fly short distances.


Are Bus Trips Safe?

Absolutely! In terms of accidents and survivability, buses are statistically the safest form of road transportation you can take. They're basically tanks.

If you're concerned about diseases, don't worry about that either. Luxury bus companies have been scrupulous about cleaning and sanitation in recent years, specifically to make sure everyone can ride in comfort without taking home any unwanted invaders.


What's The Best Way to Get Bus Travel Deals?

Typically, your best option is to go straight to the source. Since luxury bus tickets are so inexpensive to begin with - usually well less than $50 - there's no point going to a travel agent. Their fees will be more than what you save. Plus, with our BestBus Rewards, you can enjoy discounted fares and quickly earn points towards a free trip.


BestBus has stops across Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington DC.  Next time you want to travel, don't waste time and money on an airplane - choose a luxury bus instead!