What to Look for In a Luxury Coach Bus

More and more people are choosing a luxury coach bus for their holiday travel, and it's easy to see why.  Air travel has become more difficult and uncomfortable, to the point that it's hardly worth the effort.  And when you're required to show up at the airport hours before your departure, you don't even save much time (if any) compared to traveling by ground.

Plus, best of all - you don't have to deal with the TSA.


So, if you've never tried taking a luxury coach bus for your work or vacation travel, here are just a few of the great features and amenities you can enjoy - and all for a low cost!


What To Expect When You Take a Luxury Coach Bus


1 - Comfortable seats

In an airplane, you're crammed into tiny seats which are barely big enough to fit an adult, jostling elbows with the people next to you, and with barely any leg room. On a luxury bus, you've got big comfortable leather seats, big enough for anyone, as well as all the leg room you could ask for.


2 - Free Wi-Fi

Have you seen what airlines charge for in-flight internet access? When you take a luxury bus, you'll have free Wi-Fi on board, so you can enjoy streaming and much more.


3 - Personal power outlets

Every seat on a luxury coach bus has one or more standard power outlets attached to each seat, so you don't have to worry about your devices running dry. Keep yourself hooked up to the power throughout your trip or take the opportunity to recharge your backup batteries. It's free power, either way.


4 - Hassle-free rescheduling

Trying to get an airline to reschedule your flight is like pulling teeth, and they often demand large fees, even if the flight is still days or weeks away. With a luxury bus service, rescheduling is usually just a phone call away. All you need is 24-hour notice, and you can reschedule with an absolute minimum of trouble.


5 - Low prices!

Taking the bus is far less expensive than flying by air. Considering all the amenities you get, and all the hassles you avoid, why pay more to get less? With BestBus rewards, you can gain points towards free travel, get discounted fares, and much more.


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