BestBus Prime Buses Are the Way to Visit NYC

Aug. 22, 2019

Are you itching for an NYC getaway?  Prime Bus from BestBus brings you a luxury first-class riding experience, at a price that's friendly to anyone's budget!


Here at BestBus, we're dedicated to making it affordable to travel around New England - in style!  We offer stops in Maryland, Virginia, DC, and NYC.  All our buses are constantly maintained in top quality and offer a riding experience that's unparalleled at this price range.


There's just no reason to ride any other service, with everything we offer!

Why Ride a BestBus Prime Bus To NYC?  There Are So Many Reasons!

1.  Leather Seats  


Every one of our seats is super-comfortable, made from the best-padded leather to ensure you can relax from the moment you sit down.

2. Plenty of room 


We use a 2 + 1 seating arrangement which allows our riders more space, along with a generous amount of legroom on every seat.  Tall people, you won't have to squish yourself to ride a Prime Bus!

3. Independent armrests and trays


You don't have to worry about knocking elbows with your neighbor.  Every seat comes with its own armrest, as well as its own tray.  You and your stuff will have plenty of room!

4. Free Wi-Fi


We know you don't want to be out of contact, even when you're going on a weekend getaway.  That's why every Prime Bus includes free Wi-Fi for all riders.

5. Free power


Every seat comes with its 110V power socket, so if your device or laptop ever runs dry, you can charge up.  Or, take the opportunity to fill up your spare batteries - it's on us.

6. Free entertainment


Not happy with your own entertainment choices?  Through our Wi-Fi service, you can also access our library of movies, streamed straight to your device.  It's got plenty of hits and options for people of all ages.

7. Clean lavatories 


Every bus has its own lavatory, and we make sure to keep them clean before and during the ride.  Your comfort is our goal!

8. Free rescheduling


Everyone has surprises come up in their life, and we won't punish you for it.  If you contact us at least 24 hours ahead of time, you can reschedule your trip for no additional cost.  


So, if you want to take a bite of the Big Apple, why wait?  Click here to reserve

your NYC Prime Bus ticket!