4 Things to Know Before a Holiday Visit to NYC

Oct. 31, 2019

New York is a festive city, with a history of iconic holiday movie moments such as Buddy’s visit to the Empire State Building in Elf, and Kevin’s adventures through Central Park in Home Alone 2. This makes NYC well worth a visit during the holidays, but there are a few things that every traveler should know before making their way to the big apple this holiday season.


The team at BestBus has provided a few important travel tips for your visit to NYC during the holidays.


4 Tips for visiting NYC during the holiday season


1. Accommodations will sell out fast


With the famous NYE celebration in Times Square, and all the other festivities taking place in the city, your options for accommodations will be limited and overpriced if the booking is left too late. Book your stay well in advance and explore options like Airbnb and Hostelworld to find great prices and unique stays.


2. Travel by land to save money


Flights to New York can be especially expensive around the holidays. The best way to save money on transportation is to travel by land. With business-class options like the BestBusPrime busesto NYC, travelers do not need to sacrifice luxury when traveling by land.


3. The New York pass will allow you to see more attractions


With countless tourist attractions in this famous city, it can be overwhelming trying to fit everything into a short visit. The thousands of tourists visiting the city at this time of the year also means long lineups in the cold weather.


The New York pass is an all-in-one ticket to over 100 tourist attractions in the city, which allows ticket holders to skip lines and take advantage of major discounts. If you plan on visiting NYC for the first time this holiday season, this pass could be a great option for you.


4. Balance is key


NYC boasts many free things to see and do during the holiday season such as ice skating rinks, holiday markets, and fireworks in Central Park. However, some of the paid experiences in this city are well worth the price, including award-winning Broadway shows and countless, unique restaurants on every block. Be selective about where you spend your money, but don’t miss out on the exciting things that NYC has to offer.


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