Corona Virus update

BestBus Keeps You Safe During the Pandemic with Our Clean Care Services
The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly affected the lives of travelers the world over. Even nowadays, traveling from place to place can’t always be avoided, which is why it’s so important that you place your trust in a bus company that’s both safe and reliable. At BestBus, we’re committed to doing everything possible to minimize the chance of transmitting any diseases or viruses, while still ensuring you’re comfortable and content. 

All of the protocols we employ at BestBus follow the most current safety recommendations from the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control. Although there are no total guarantees that eliminate the COVID-19 threat, there are stringent measures we can take to ensure that all of our passengers and employees are as safe as possible.

Here, we break down exactly what we’re doing to ensure your health and safety, so read on!
1 - Pre-Trip Preparation
It doesn’t matter if a particular motorcoach was used a few hours ago or a week ago, we clean every one of our buses from top to bottom before every trip. Prior to each use, we clean and disinfect our motorcoaches using a comprehensive checklist. Our cleaning teams don’t leave until every item is crossed off the list.

For an added level of protection, BestBus also uses a number of deep-cleaning methods in addition to cleaning everything by hand. Doing so provides added layers of cleansing and peace of mind for our passengers and employees.

The cleaning staff from BestBus are extensively trained and have in-depth knowledge about all of our cleaning processes so there aren’t any oversights when ensuring our buses are sterilized.

2 - Sanitizing During Your Trip
We prepare all of our buses for travel but we don’t stop there, we also sanitize and clean throughout your trip with us. At regular periods throughout your journey, during stops along the way, our drivers clean and disinfect high-traffic areas where virus transmission is most likely to occur. These include things like chair backs, audio-visual equipment, power plugs, restrooms, guard rails, and more.

Additionally, waste receptacles will also be cleaned frequently, with particular attention paid to keeping restrooms clean and sanitary.

To keep the air inside our motorcoaches of the highest quality, we’ll also be keeping windows and vents open as much as possible, weather permitting of course. Since COVID-19 doesn’t do well in the open air, we’re committed to keeping high levels of ventilation throughout all cabins. BestBus has also installed specialized antiviral filters in our bus ventilation systems.

3 - Minimizing the Chance of Employee Infection
Having clean motorcoaches won’t mean much if our employees aren’t in good health, so we take every necessary precaution in ensuring the health and safety of BestBus staff members, particularly our drivers.

Our employees keep buses as clean as possible while also working to ensure that they drastically reduce any chance they might contaminate the bus. And, as mentioned above, all of our drivers receive regular training and testing to make certain they’re following all of the proper safety protocols.

To make certain that no employees place themselves at unnecessary risk, we have also curtailed travel, in particular overseas travel. Any and all trips, both within the country and abroad, must be reported to our HR department beforehand and then approved by our management team. We also strongly discourage non-essential travel within the country for our employees. If a staff member absolutely needs to travel out of the country, they’re required to self-quarantine for two weeks once they’ve returned to the United States.

Any employee that has traveled outside of the country will also be required to receive clearance from a doctor that they’re able to return to work.

4 - Protecting Ourselves from Infection by Working Together
Understanding the safety hazards and best practices, coupled with cooperation among individuals, is our best protection against the spread of COVID-19. We ask all of our customers to work with us to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

Before customers are allowed on our bus, there are some things to keep in mind, such as:

  • Everyone will have their temperature taken with an infrared thermometer.
  • Those with higher temperatures won’t be allowed on the bus.
  • All travelers are asked to perform a self-check before leaving their homes.
  • All travelers are asked to remain at home if they’re feeling sick, have a fever, or are exhibiting other symptoms of COVID-19.
  • All travelers who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 are asked to remain at home as there’s a high chance they have also contracted the virus.
  • All riders are required to wear facemasks throughout their trip.
  • Bringing along hand sanitizer is strongly recommended.
  • We recommend passengers avoid touching their faces as much as possible.

During your trip, we’ll put as much room as possible between you and other passengers. The standard policy at BestBus is to only run buses at half the capacity to ensure there aren’t any riders seated directly next to each other. We can make exceptions for chartered tours, however, each one is treated on a case-by-case basis and depends upon your needs and expectations.

The only exception to this rule is for family members, romantic partners, or people who otherwise cohabitate.

5 - BestBus is committed to keeping travelers safe and comfortable
At BestBus, we’re committed to keeping you safe and comfortable during your time with us. We understand that these times are difficult for everyone, so we take every step possible to help you relax throughout your trip. You can rest easy knowing that our team is dedicated to providing the safest bus travel options available.

For those with additional questions about traveling with BestBus, contact us online today or call (888) 888-3269. You can also visit us online for more about our stop locations, to modify your reservation, or to learn about exclusive travel deals.