Finding the Best Holiday Bus Travel Deals & Other Travel Tips

Dec. 20, 2018


The holidays are a busy time of year: according to a AAA report, approximately 3.6 million people traveled by bus, train or cruise ship last year. This means you’ll have some healthy competition finding the best holiday bus travel deals, but don’t fret. BestBus is busy during the holidays, but we’ve still found the time to put together a few travel tips for you below.


Book Well in Advance


You might think that there won’t be many people traveling by bus this holiday season: think again. Bus tickets often need to be booked weeks or months in advance, especially for those who want to get the best bus travel deals. Many companies offer discounted rates but seating will fill up quickly.


Be Flexible with Dates


Everyone wants to be settled and with family during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also be a bit more flexible. If you don’t have a firm date set for your holiday trip, you may be able to travel outside of peak hours or days, making the experience a little cheaper and a lot less stressful.


Arrive Early


Unexpected issues can arise while traveling, so whether you’re doing so by plane, train or bus, arriving early to the station is always a good idea. This way you’ll be able to resolve any issues that present themselves well in advance of your departure time.


Dress Comfortably


You’d be surprised at how much your attire can impact the travel experience. No one enjoys being freezing cold or hot and sweaty while traveling for the holidays, so dress accordingly. Wear comfortable clothes in layers that you can take off if things are too warm and bring a jacket in case you get a little chilly en route.


Leave a Buffer Zone

One of the best ways to ensure your trip goes smoothly is to leave a day or two in between your travel dates. This is because there could be unexpected delays due to inclement weather or other issues that force a slight change in schedule. This way you won’t have to squeeze in an overnight bus and then go straight to work.


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