What You Must Know Before You Board A Bus From NYC To Delaware

Mar. 31, 2020

Need to get some fresh air and take a weekend getaway out of the city? We all do. So when you’re planning your next trip, even if it’s just a day trip, it’s best to keep every option in mind, and that includes your mode of transportation. Read on to learn what you need to know before you board a bus from NYC to Delaware. 

You have all the comfort you could want

From extra-wide seats and onboard Wi-Fi to not having to stop to take a restroom break, bus travel is incredibly relaxing. Better yet, you don’t have to leave all your stuff in storage, meaning you can bring as much personal entertainment as you can carry.

Safety Comes First

Charter bus drivers are experienced in driving through all kinds of weather conditions and are fully committed to getting their passengers to their destinations safely and on time. Having someone else be responsible for taking the wheel gives you and your friends or family the chance to rest up on your way.

It’s Inexpensive and Easy

Bus travel is much more seamless than air travel. No lines, no security checks, no taking off your belt. Just get on and get going. With a charter bus trip from NYC to Delaware, all you have to do is show up on time.

You get to see the sights along the way

They don’t call it America the Beautiful for nothing. Even if it’s just four hours each way, traveling by motorcoach is a great way to learn more about our great country. You might be going to somewhere fun like Rehoboth Beach, but why should that stop you from seeing the sights on the Delaware River along the way? You don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve seen it!

Going by bus from NYC to Delaware is easy when you ride with BestBus! Whether you’re looking to go to Gordon’s Pond, Rehoboth Beach, or just the Tanger Outlets, you can trust BestBus to get you there safe and on time. Our leather seats are extra comfy, and there's free Wi-Fi.  Reserve your tickets today!