Thanksgiving is usually the busiest travel time of the year. Battling long check-in lines at the airport and going through security is high on stress and low on convenience. Add to this the time and cost of taking a taxi to and from the airport: what seemed like a quick flight home has now taken double or triple the time it should have. For what turns out to be the same amount of time there are many bus travel deals to consider.

Are you looking to travel from NYC to DC? There are a lot of options in how to make the trip - but why not ride in style? A luxury bus is like getting the best of both worlds. You get all the comfort of a first-class airline seat, but without all the hassles of airfare. There's just a smooth, easy ride straight to your destination.

Are you traveling by bus from Washington DC to NYC? You've made a great choice. Despite being often overlooked by travelers, buses are still an excellent choice for short- to medium-distance journeys. When you pick the right luxury bus service, you get all the comfort and amenities of a first-class airline -and then some- while enjoying the ease and convenience of road travel.

August 10, 2018 - Lorton, VA - BestBus is going to another level, thanks to their new partnership with the DC Trails family of bus companies. In June 2018, a deal was finalized giving DC Trails ownership of the BestBus booking services - but this will not affect the high quality of service BestBus customers and VIP members have come to enjoy. It will instead bring numerous new features and options, allowing BestBus to continue striving towards being the very best bus option for New England travel.

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