Are you planning a trip between Delaware and New York City? There are plenty of options on how to get around - and you might be surprised to know just how many reasons there are to take the bus. That is, BestBus!

Visiting Washington, DC is a great way to spend Memorial Day weekend and the perfect way to celebrate the start of summer. If you’re planning to get purchase a bus ticket to DC and want to make your trip as enjoyable as possible, our BestBus team has a few recommendations for activities in the nation’s capital.

If you’re planning to take a trip this year, we offer some great bus travel deals to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your money. Before you make your decision, take a look at our BestBus plans and ask yourself what you want out of your trip. We know you’ll find something in one of them that will make your trip a more enjoyable experience.

With the warm weather starting and spring in full force, lots of people are looking for ways to start taking in the sun and enjoying the city. If you want to get bus tickets to New York and enjoy its parks, street fairs, an food festivals, the BestBus team knows just the things to see to make your trip as memorable as possible.

If you’re looking for luxury bus service from DC to NYC, BestBus’s Prime Bus is a great choice. With wide leather seats from maximum comfort and legroom, you can take in the sights and sounds of your trip and ensure that you enjoy your experience no matter where you’re passing through.

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