Travel Tips for Washington, DC

Feb. 8, 2019

Washington, DC, is best known for its historical monuments and museums, the White House, and the Capitol. Although it formerly had a fairly reserved reputation, it's now recognized as one of the most dynamic cities in the United States. Before you grab any bus tickets to New York, consider a trip to Washington, DC  with BestBus as well for a great experience.


Take a look at some tips for your first Washington trip below.


  1. Hotel room prices are the highest in the spring and fall. Not only that, but it's the busiest when it comes to tourism. Be sure to plan ahead!

  2. Driving in Washington can drive you crazy – with so many one-way streets and traffic circles, it's much easier to leave your car at home. You can also go on foot and explore the city's tree-lined boulevards.

  3. The National Mall is much longer than you think! If you don't want to do lots of walking to take in all the monuments, consider a bus tour to take you around.


  4. If you want to tour the White House, make sure you plan ahead as far back as possible. Lead times can be anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months. Regardless, contact your congressional office or visit the White House website for more details.

  5. If you're looking for the best hotels, look near the National Mall and White House. A great example is the Willard Intercontinental, which combines historic charm with modern luxury. For boutique luxury, the Madison DC Downtown is a great choice.

  6. Head to the National Zoo to get a chance to hang out with its famous pandas as they eat bamboo. You can also watch the cheetahs sprint through a unique savannah-inspired exhibit. Remember: the National Zoo is free as part of the Smithsonian admission.

  7. Check out the Union Market for a unique mid-century food hall. Try the oysters at Rappahannock, a Michelin-starred Italian plate at Masseria, or a chorizo burger at the Red Apron Butcher.


Regardless of why you want to head to Washington, DC, there is tons to do and the above tips will make your trip much more enjoyable. For more information about Washington, DC, and New York bus tickets, contact us today.