Tips for Planning A Bus Trip to New York

Apr. 7, 2021


Before you head out on your next trip to New York, here are some important things and tips that can help you make the most of your next visit.


A Bus Can Save You Money

Flights to and from New York can be pricey, so by taking the bus you can not only save money on your trip, but you can also still travel in luxury. Our BestBus fleet offers such great extras as free Wi-Fi, a free bottle of water, electrical output for each seat, and more.


 Book Ahead of Time

Regardless of if it’s for a holiday, the weekend, or even New Year’s Eve, New York is truly the city that never sleeps. So, with that in mind, it’s essential that you not only purchase your bus ticket to New York in advance but that you also book your hotel and other accommodations well in advance.

Failure to book ahead of time can mean you’ll end up overpaying for last-minute accommodations, or you might not even get any at all.


Create an Itinerary

While the prospect of putting together an itinerary may seem a bit unnecessary, trust us, it isn’t. An itinerary affords you the ability to truly plan out your trip to make sure that you have time to see the things you can't miss out on. We recommend adding extra time for all visits and prioritizing the important places to ensure you don't miss out. Always leave some spots open as you may end up spending more time in places you didn't expect or adding locations you didn't plan for.


A New York Pass Is A Great Purchase

New York has so many amazing things to take in, but it can be hard, time-consuming, and expensive to see them all with so many tourists there year-round. That's why something like the New York Pass is such a great purchase. This pass gives you access to more than 100 city attractions and also offers you some great discounts while letting you skip the long lines.


It is highly recommended to take advantage of this pass, especially if it’s your first time to NY and/or if you are going during a peak tourist time.


Purchase Your Bus Ticket to New York

Purchase your ticket with our BestBus team today and start planning your big trip to NY now!