Things to Do in Washington DC This Easter Weekend

As spring nears in Washington DC, Easter weekend is just around the corner. With an array of exciting events happening throughout the city, Washington DC is the ideal destination to spend your long weekend. From brunches to egg hunts, there's no shortage of activities.

In this blog, our team at BestBus uncovers our top picks for things to do on your weekend trip to Washington DC this Easter.


Experience the Easter Egg Roll at the White House

Children of various ages are welcome to partake in the tradition of rolling Easter eggs on the White House lawn on Easter Sunday, presenting a great chance for them to learn about its rich history. Originating in 1878, President Rutherford B. Hayes initiated this tradition. He opened the doors of the White House to invite the city's children to enjoy the south lawn for their egg-rolling festivities. The event features costumed characters, interesting stories, and lively musical performances, ensuring a fun day for all attendees.

Indulge in Easter Brunch

An Easter brunch with family ranks among the best experiences for your weekend away. Numerous restaurants provide delicious options for Easter brunch. With reasonably priced, family-style dining, they set the ideal ambiance for the occasion. In Old Town Alexandria, several independently owned restaurants are ready to please guests with their specially curated holiday menus.


Attend Service at Lincoln Memorial

For those who are up early on Easter Sunday, a visit to the Lincoln Memorial for a brief service offers a great opportunity. Thousands come together at this iconic monument to witness the sunrise and reflect on the events of the year thus far. Open to all, it serves as a wonderful moment to pause and reminisce on the past year. If the early hour isn't your preference, consider arranging a visit to the monument later in the day, where you can learn the fascinating history of the president.


Join an Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts remain a favorite tradition with multiple egg-hunting events continuing to be organized and enjoyed throughout the city. Visitors have the freedom to choose their preferred location for Easter egg hunts in Washington DC. Choose an Easter egg hunt in the surrounding countryside of the city for ample space and attractions for children. If you’re looking for an adult egg hunt experience, visit Dupont Circle, where local businesses collaborate to provide exclusive discounts hidden within eggs scattered around the area!


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