Take A Luxury Bus from NYC To DC to Ride in Style

Aug. 28, 2018


Are you looking to travel from NYC to DC?  There are a lot of options in how to make the trip - but why not ride in style?  A luxury bus is like getting the best of both worlds.  You get all the comfort of a first-class airline seat, but without all the hassles of airfare.  There's just a smooth, easy ride straight to your destination.


Six Reasons to Take A Luxury Bus from NYC to DC


1. Free Wi-Fi


On a luxury bus, you don't have to pay extra for Wi-Fi service - and you can't get that on an airplane.  Many airlines barely offer Internet services at all, and when they do, it involves huge extra charges.  When you ride a luxury bus, you can surf the Internet the whole way for free.


2. Power Outlets


Is your cell phone, tablet, or laptop running low on power?  That's no problem.  Every seat on a luxury bus has a power outlet directly available and free for your use.  Take the opportunity to top up all your devices and spare batteries - it's complimentary. 


3. No Hidden Fees.  Period.


When you take a luxury bus from NYC to DC, you'll know exactly what you're paying for long before you arrive at the departure terminal.  There aren't any booking fees, facility fees, handling fees, or any of the other fees that airlines like to tack on.  You even get two full-sized pieces of baggage for no extra charge.


4. Guaranteed Seating


When you choose a luxury bus, you never have to worry about getting bumped from your seat because of over-booking.  The buses are never over-booked, and that means you can ride with 100% certainty that you'll be making the trip you planned without any surprise rescheduling.


5. Free and easy rescheduling


Of course, sometimes things come up on your end - and with a bus ticket in hand, that's not a problem.  When you take a luxury bus, you can reschedule your trip up to 24 hours in advance to take an equivalent bus, for free.


6. Not having to deal with the TSA


Let's face it, dealing with airport security is becoming more of a hassle every year.  When you travel by bus, the check-in and boarding process is quick, easy, and doesn't involve removing any clothing.


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