Seven Things to Do for a Great Christmas in New York City

Dec. 20, 2021


New York City is home to a wide range of attractions, especially during the Christmas season. Riding on a luxury bus is an excellent way to explore the city and experience many different activities. Of course, planning your trip in advance is always a smart idea to ensure you fully take advantage of all the different things to do in New York City during the holiday season.

Here Are a Few of the Top Places to Visit in New York City During Christmas


Check Out the Rockefeller Christmas Tree

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree is always a major attraction for visitors. The Christmas tree lighting ceremony begins on December 1st, and it remains lit each day throughout the month and even into early January.


Spend Time Shopping at All of the Department Stores

The holiday-themed department stores are always a fun experience during the Christmas season. These different stores are decorated with numerous displays, as it's always a popular attraction during the early evening hours.


Visit Christmas-Themed Markets

New York is home to many holiday-themed markets that sell crafts, gifts, artwork, clothes, and other items. These markets are always fun to check out, especially if you enjoy shopping during the holidays.


Enjoy Ice Skating in New York

You can choose from numerous places to ice skate in New York. You can't go wrong either way, whether you prefer the scenic backdrop of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree or other less well-known skating rinks.


View Christmas Ornaments in New York City

Midtown Manhattan is home to many Christmas ornaments and displays for a truly unforgettable experience. These vivid displays are always available to view during the holidays, as they are a must-see attraction.


Hang Out at Central Park

Central Park is another top destination for anyone spending time in New York City. You can spend time outside while enjoying numerous activities at the park with friends and family.


Book Christmas Tours

Numerous Christmas tour options are available throughout New York. You can view many beautiful lights and Christmas-themed displays for a truly remarkable experience.


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