Packing Essentials for Your Washington DC Bus Trip


Preparing for your bus trip to Washington DC requires finding the balance between having everything you need and overpacking. How can you tell if you've gone too far? If you're packing six pairs of jeans for a three-day trip, it's likely excessive. 


Thankfully, our team at BestBus has simplified packing for your bus trip to Washington DC with our comprehensive guide on packing essentials.


Tips for Smart Packing

1. Start with a List


Making a packing list may feel like a chore, but it's a savvy strategy to differentiate essentials from non-essentials. Without it, you're prone to stuffing your bag with items you won't actually use. This means leaving behind the extra outfit you think you might wear.


2. Know Your Space Limitt


Charter buses vary in storage capacity. Smaller buses offer limited space, typically accommodating one carry-on bag per passenger. In contrast, larger buses feature spacious luggage bays beneath, allowing for one or two pieces of luggage per passenger plus a carry-on.


3. Think Small


While charter bus travel doesn’t have TSA carry-on restrictions, space remains limited. Opt for travel-sized toiletry bottles to maximize storage efficiency. Avoid wasting valuable space with full-size containers.


4. Pack Necessities Only

Resist the urge to pack for worst-case scenarios. Skip items tossed in “just in case” and focus on essentials like prescriptions, gifts, and special outfits. 


Essential Items for Your Washington DC Bus Trip

1. Headphones

Avoid being the person who plays music or shows out loud during the trip to respect the peace and quiet of others. Unless you're with a small group and everyone agrees to watch together, use headphones to enjoy your media or block out noise for a nap.


2. Tablets, Laptops, and Chargers


Now's the perfect moment to use your tablet or small laptop. Many charter buses offer WIFI and power outlets at each seat for convenient device usage. Remember to pack your chargers in your carry-on as well. You wouldn't want your iPad to die during the middle of an episode of your favorite TV show with the charger stashed in the luggage below, would you?


3. Road Snacks and Drinks

Be sure to have onboard snacks to prevent hunger. Each person can bring their preferred snacks or designate someone to gather snacks for the group.


4. A Pillow


Neck pillows are a game-changer for long bus journeys. With plush seats on most buses, a neck pillow adds the finishing touch for a comfortable nap on the road.


5. A Good Read

Looking at a screen for a long journey can strain your eyes. Bring along a book or queue up an audiobook to give your eyes a break and prevent headaches.


Take a Bus to Washington DC with BestBus

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