Is Luxury Bus Travel Better Than Taking a Train To NYC Absolutely!


If you're looking to travel to New York City from around the northeast, you've got a few options.  Most people will likely opt for cars, planes, or even trains - but there's a better option: taking luxury prime buses to NYC.


It's easy to see why taking the bus is better than driving yourself, or putting up with the endless hassles of modern air flight, but what about trains?  Trains can sometimes be inexpensive, but luxury buses are still a much better option for several reasons.


Why Choose a Luxury Prime Bus to NYC Rather Than Taking a Train


1 - A smoother ride

First of all, buses provide a much smoother and more enjoyable ride than the train.  The constant vibrations of trains and knocking on the rails create a bouncy, bumpy experience that few people truly enjoy. Modern buses, on the other hand, offer a silky-smooth ride with suspension that's like floating on air.


2 - A quieter ride

Don't forget about the noise of trains.  Even the best-insulated train is going to have the ceaseless click-clack of the rails, not to mention plenty of scraping and groaning as the train cars shift side to side. Buses, on the other hand, are almost totally silent when you're on the road.

Between the smooth ride and the quiet, buses are far better to sleep on too!


3 - Delays are more predictable, and more easily avoided

A train going to a particular place only has one track. If something has happened, such as a tree or telephone pole falling across the rails, the train must stop until the obstruction is cleared. At best you might be able to get out and stretch your legs, but you aren't going anywhere.

Since buses take the roads, the drivers can constantly monitor traffic reports and choose routes that avoid traffic jams and other problems. Significant delays are rarer on buses, and shorter when they do happen.


4 - Custom booking options

Are you looking to travel with a group to NYC, or anywhere else? You can typically book a prime bus to NYC all to yourselves for that extra luxury. You certainly can't do that with a train!


BestBus offers excellent, comfortable, and low-cost prime bus travel to NYC and across the northeast. When you want the best way to travel, choose BestBus!