Important Tips When You are Buying Bus Tickets To New York

Mar. 16, 2021

We're seeing more and more newcomers buying bus tickets to New York from Virginia, Maryland, or DC - and that's great.  People are discovering what an incredible value luxury coach buses can be.  With a coach bus, you can ride in super comfortable seats, while paying a bare minimum for your tickets.  It's really the best way to travel, when you're going between cities in the area.


If you've never taken a luxury coach bus before, you'll be glad to know that it's much easier than taking an airplane.  However, there are still a few things you should know beforehand to ensure everything goes smoothly.  These are some important travel tips, so you can make the most of your bus ticket.

How to Ensure You Fully Enjoy Your Bus Tickets To New York

Bring government ID - Presenting ID isn't required by law, but most bus companies will still appreciate it if you have an official government ID to present.  Plus, in the rare case that there's a mixup or customers with similar names, having ID onhand will clear up these issues quickly.

Print your ticket and/or reservation - Again, not all companies require you to present your ticket (although some do) but it's still a good idea.  This also helps prevent any mixups, or confusion about who's assigned to which seat.

Consider rush hours when choosing your ticket - Bus companies typically run their buses all day, and they'll do their best to maintain their schedule.  However, rush hours simply can't be avoided.  If your bus is going to be in the city immediately before or after typical work hours, you may be delayed.  Choosing departure and arrival times that avoid rush hours can make your trip go a little faster.

Ask about seat reservations - Some bus companies reserve specific seats, others simply let people sit wherever they want.  If you want a specific spot - such as window or aisle - or want to make sure you're seated next to traveling companions, ask the bus company about reserving specific seats.

Bring your own snacks - Unlike airlines, you're free to bring as much food or drink onboard as you like - and you should!  Since luxury coach buses have their own bathrooms, they rarely make rest stops along the way.  If you want something to eat, pack it for yourself.


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