How to Manage A Company During COVID-19

June 3, 2020

While necessary, it is not always easy for companies and organizations to battle through crisis situations like COVID-19. Not only are business affected, our entire society as a whole is. A company’s ability to react, and positively handle a crisis can greatly impact their clients, their bottom line, and their ability to bounce back in the future.

The BestBus team has put together a few tips for companies dealing with COVID-19 and how they can learn from this crisis.


Four Tips for Handling A Crisis


1. Always Be Transparent

In events and times where companies are being pushed and extended due to a crisis, the one constant everyone is looking for is honesty. Whether it is your employees, clients, investors, etc., be upfront with the information you know, and what you don’t.

This can go a long way during and after a crisis, and it can potentially strengthen your brand loyalty and reputation.


2. Communication Is Key

Be certain that you put together a strong team that can keep your customers in the know about information and updates (the same can be said for internal communication). Be sure to set up a schedule for when potential updates will be coming and make certain that your customers and followers know when those times are.

3. Be Flexible

During times like we are seeing with this COVID-19 pandemic, stressful situations, are just that; stressful. People are not only worried about their jobs, they are also worried about their health, the wellbeing of their family, bills, a quarantine, and much more. Keeping this in mind, be flexible and understanding when it comes to your employees. When possible, try having them work from home, encourage breaks, and inquire about how they are coping with stress and anxiety.


4. Take Notes

While no one wants to go through a crisis, a positive that can arise from it is how your company can handle the next one. Take this as opportunity to objectively look at your process, response, business, and assess what you are doing well, and where you need to improve.


Be sure to include your employees during this process as well as they could provide feedback that may have been overlooked.


BestBus is proud of our frontline workers and hopes everyone is keeping safe during this pandemic. Please be sure check back with us soon for bus tickets, deals, and bus destinations.