How BestBus Does Luxury Coach Bus Travel Right

Mar. 12, 2021

If you're looking to travel between New York, Virginia, Delaware, or Washington DC, you've got plenty of options - and as far as we're concerned, taking a luxury coach bus is one of the best choices!  BestBus is committed to providing highly comfortable luxury bus travel at extremely reasonable rates, making us one of the area's top choices for smooth and enjoyable travel.  Our BestBus Prime service is the true "business class" of buses!


We know there are a lot of luxury coach bus companies out there, along with various other competitors.  What makes BestBus Prime special?  Here are just a few of the ways we excel.

Five Ways BestBus Prime Goes Above and Beyond with Luxury Coach Bus Service

  • Seating designed for comfort


    We know that certain other modes of transport are known for cramming their passengers into tiny seats, so we do things differently.  Our BestBus Prime buses all feature large, padded, leather seating designed for maximum comfort.  You also get plenty of leg room, so feel free to stretch out.  You deserve it.

  • Extra amenities


    We also want to make sure you've got plenty of options to keep yourself happy and entertained during your trip.  Every seat has its own dedicated 110V electrical outlet, so you can charge your devices or run a laptop.  We also offer high-speed Wi-Fi on every bus, and most runs offer movie streaming as well.


    We even throw in a free bottle of water.

  • Free rescheduling


    That's right.  As long as you contact us at least 24 hours before your trip, we'll reschedule your ticket at no additional cost.  This gives you extra flexibility, while we work around your schedule.

  • Safe, clean buses


    Even before the coronavirus, we were passionate about keeping our buses and onboard bathrooms clean.  Now we're scrupulous about hygiene.  You can ride BusBoss Prime and feel safe at all times, traveling in a clean and sterile environment.

  • Low prices


Despite all these features and amenities, we strive to always keep our ticket prices as low as possible.  BestBus Prime trips start at only $17!  Much of the time, you could ride a super comfortable luxury coach bus for less than it would cost you in gas to drive yourself!  With value like that, why would you ever use your own car?


If you're traveling between NYC, Delaware, DC, or Virginia, BestBus Prime is your top choice.  Click here to reserve your tickets!