Here’s What You’ll Miss Out on by Not Taking the Bus from Washington, DC to NYC

Oct. 9, 2018

Taking a bus can help provide the ideal travel experience on your trip from Washington DC to NYC. But many are still missing out on this great way to explore the U.S. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what you’ll miss out on if you don’t book bus travel to NYC.

Affordable pricing

Bus travel is considered one of the most affordable ways to explore the country. You’ll save hundreds of dollars traveling by bus rather than flying or taking the train and this will ensure you have more money to enjoy your trip when you arrive at the destination.

Luxury comfort

Many are surprised to learn just how comfortable modern buses are when compared with other travel options. Flying involves waiting for hours in busy terminals only to be loaded onto a cramped plane for your trip. But buses can now offer the ultimate in travel luxury, with wide seating and ample leg room. There are also more entertainment options than ever before for those traveling by bus.

Convenient travel options

Because of the limited availability of flights, those traveling by plane run the risk of being delayed due to bad weather and other issues at the airport. But traveling by bus allows the ideal travel schedule. Companies such as BestBus offer bus travel from Washington DC to NYC throughout the day, giving you the ideal selection for planning your trip.

Select Best Bus for your upcoming trip

Bus travel to NYC from Washington DC can be a great experience. But it’s important you select a qualified bus travel provider for the service. Our team at BestBus has years of experience planning travel for clients throughout the country.

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