Get in Touch with American History on A New York To DC Bus

Sept. 27, 2019

If you're looking for a quick road trip for a weekend getaway, Washington DC is a fantastic choice.  The nation’s capital is a hub of history, as well as being full of many of the nation's most interesting monuments, and there's always a chance of bumping into an important politician.  Taking a New York to DC bus is an excellent opportunity for both education and adventure!


If you haven't been to DC in a while, here are a few interesting historical sites to get you thinking about our nation's heritage.


Four Historical Sites to See When You Take a New York To DC Bus


1. President Lincoln's Cottage


Most Presidents didn't live in DC, aside from in the White House, but President Lincoln was an exception.  He had a cottage in the Petworth which he frequented during the Civil War, and today it's a popular historical attraction.  Of particular note is that it has extra-high ceilings and doorways, to accommodate President Lincoln's extreme height.  Plus, there's a great museum all about the life of Lincoln!


2. The National Cathedral


The National Cathedral is a landmark of DC, with a commanding view atop Mount Saint Alban.  Construction began at the end of the 19th Century, and it's been visited by almost all of the Presidents of the 20th Century, along with uncountable other dignitaries.  It is still a fully functional house of worship, along with containing a historical museum and hosting a wide variety of artistic programs such as classical music concerts.


3. Ford's Theater


Most people are surprised to learn that Ford's Theater is still in operation - but it is!  Undeterred by being the site of President Lincoln's assassination, it has continued to be one of the primary theaters in the DC area - as well as hosting a free museum.


4. The Octagon House


Located in Foggy Bottom, the Octagon House is a beloved piece of early-19th Century architecture, which has passed through numerous famous hands over the years.  Most notably, it was briefly the Presidential residence when President Madison was forced to flee the White House during the War Of 1812.  It's also a sterling example of architecture from that time.


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