Fall is a perfect time to visit Virginia from New York, and Manassas has plenty of great things to do if you’re planning a visit. So, if you're thinking about escaping the city and embracing the fall season in Virginia, here's a list of some fun activities and events to ensure a memorable trip!

Being in NYC during the fall is like stepping into a special scene, almost like we're characters in a romantic comedy movie. The air turns cool, and the scent of leaves fills our noses. It's a fact: NYC is one of the top places to enjoy the very best of the fall season. There's everything from exciting Halloween events to festivals that show off the stunning fall leaves. Autumn in NYC is truly something special! We cover a few fun things to do this fall when you book a bus ticket to New York.

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In a city bursting with activities, pre-planning is your secret to maximizing the experience. Crafting an itinerary guarantees you won't miss out on any of NYC's myriad attractions. Yet, that's just the start. Securing your bus tickets to New York City well in advance emerges as a pivotal task. This guide from BestBus covers some common topics around planning your bus trip from Delaware to NYC.

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