Debunking Common Myths About Washington DC

If you’re planning a bus trip to Washington, DC, you've likely faced some common myths about the country’s capital city. However, it’s important to educate yourself on these misconceptions to avoid spreading misinformation.


Our team at BestBus has gathered and debunked some of the most common myths about Washington, DC, to help you gain accurate knowledge before your visit.


1. “Washington, DC, Only Has Government Buildings.”


The idea that Washington, DC, only has government buildings is a common myth that couldn't be further from the truth. As the center of the US government, it is a fact that government buildings are all over Washington, DC. However, there is much more to do in the city. Downtown Washington, DC, has numerous hotels, restaurants, and museums. It’s also highly recommended to explore Washington, DC's many neighborhoods to find a range of attractions other than the iconic government buildings.


2. “Washington, DC, is Too Hot to Visit.”


As Washington, DC, is a common destination during peak summer months, many travelers assume Washington, DC is always too hot to explore. However, the city experiences four distinct seasons that each offer its own advantages. Whether you enjoy mild temperatures in spring and fall or a range of outdoor events in summer, DC is an excellent year-round destination.


3. “Washington, DC, is Extremely Busy on Election Day.”

Contrary to popular belief, election day in Washington, DC, is surprisingly calm. With minimal campaigning, the atmosphere remains relaxed. Residents put in their votes for various positions, but the city itself remains calm and relaxed during this day. If your trip to Washington, DC, happens to be during election day, you will have a relatively laid-back experience and won’t have to worry about traffic or long lineups.


4. “Washington, DC, Doesn’t Have Tall Buildings.”

Many believe Washington, DC, lacks tall buildings because of the Washington Monument. While the monument stands at 555 feet, the tallest residential and office structures are only around 200 feet high. This isn’t because of the monument, but rather from the Height of Buildings Act of 1910. The act was prompted by The Cairo, a controversial 164-foot-tall hotel built in the 1890s. Locals protested which led Congress to pass a bill limiting building heights. According to the law, buildings in Washington, DC, cannot exceed the width of the adjacent street plus 20 feet. So, while no structure can exceed the Washington Monument's height, the law's primary aim was to regulate urban development rather than protect the monument. There are still plenty of tall buildings to explore when you visit Washington, DC!


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