Bus Travel Tips for the Holidays

Sept. 27, 2018

Thanksgiving is usually the busiest travel time of the year. Battling long check-in lines at the airport and going through security is high on stress and low on convenience. Add to this the time and cost of taking a taxi to and from the airport: what seemed like a quick flight home has now taken double or triple the time it should have. For what turns out to be the same amount of time there are many bus travel deals to consider.


As one of the leading travel companies, BestBus has collected some insightful tips to help make traveling during the coming holidays a bit easier.


1. Sit Back & Relax

The moment you sit down you can relax with your favorite book, movie or music. If you’re binge-watching your new favorite show, or you’ve got your head buried in the latest bestseller, the onboard WiFi from BestBus has got you covered. You also don’t have to be worried about battery life thanks to the onboard electrical outlets.


2. Catch Up with Friends

The holiday season is a time to get away from the stress of work, school, or other everyday complications: this makes it the perfect time to catch up with friends. If you’ve taken advantages of one of the BestBus travel deals for the holidays, use your downtime in transit to catch up with friends. Make a few phone calls, or send out some emails before your arrival. Doing so will also allow you to spend more quality time with family and friends.


3. Bring Some Snacks

You want to stay refreshed and avoid getting hungry while traveling, so bring along a few of your favorite snacks. A bottle of water, sandwich, and bag of chips will keep you going as you head home. Keep in mind there won’t be a fridge or microwave, so don’t pack anything that melts or needs to be heated up.


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Thanksgiving can be hectic at the best of times. BestBus offers many travel deals to help you save money and maximize your time back home, or wherever the road takes you this holiday season. If you want to sit back and relax ahead of a busy few days contact BestBus and book your tickets today.