BestBus Offers Luxury Coach Buses for your Next Trip

Apr. 3, 2021

Are you on the fence about choosing a luxury coach bus for your next big trip to New York or Washington DC? Our team wanted to highlight the amazing benefits you can enjoy when you choose to ride with us.

So, here are three big reasons to choose our buses for your next big outing…

  • A Truly Luxurious Ride

    With BestBus Prime, you can enjoy wide leather seating that reclines, along with comfy armrests and even a collapsible try for food, reading, devices, or any other personal items you may need access to. And what good is comfortable leather seats if you can’t stretch out? Our Prime buses give you ample legroom so you and stretch out and enjoy your trip.

  • A Suite of Amenities

    At BestBus, we always go the extra mile for our clients, and our luxury coach buses offer so much more than just amazing seating and room. There are quite a few amenities you can enjoy during your trip with us. For starters, free Wi-Fi along with access to our movie streaming collection is available to all Prime Bus passengers – so there's no need to waste data while you surf the web. You can also rest assured that you will never run out of power thanks to 100 V outlets that are under every passenger’s seat. So, whether you want to charge your phone, laptop, or anything else, you can.

    All of our BestBus passengers are also given a free bottle of water so if you forget to pack something to drink you don’t have to worry.

  • Luxury Bus without A Luxury Price Tag

While our luxury coach buses come with everything you need to make your next trip super comfortable and relaxing, our prices for busing and Prime Bus are actually very affordable. You can potentially save a lot of travel money with our buses when compared to flying or renting a car. And if you book with our Prime Bus option, you can reschedule your bus ride for a later date free of charge.

BestBus Will Take You Where You Need to Go

With luxury coach bus services in New York, Washington DC, Virginia, and Delaware, we can make your next trip simple and enjoyable.

Contact our team today to reserve your ticket or for more information.