5 Reasons to Purchase Bus Tickets to New York

Nov. 1, 2021


Choosing to buy bus tickets to New York is a great option due to a variety of reasons. Traveling by bus with BestBus is much less stressful than fighting traffic, and it also gives you more opportunities to sight-see. Riding on a bus also gives you access to numerous features, such as a free bottle of water, and you can access the Wi-Fi network without any costs if you travel with BestBus. 


Here are a few of the top reasons to consider buying bus tickets to New York.




One of the benefits of traveling on a bus is that it's more cost-effective compared to other options. Riding on a bus is much less expensive than buying plane tickets or even driving your vehicle for a long distance.


Visit Many Attractions


Another advantage of riding on a bus is that it gives you the opportunity to see many different attractions. Using a bus is especially beneficial for anyone that wants to explore New York and the surrounding areas.

New Experience


Traveling by bus to New York is a great option for anyone looking for a new experience. Modern amenities will create an even more enjoyable experience, whether it's additional legroom, easy-to-access power outlets, or a variety of movies to watch.


Less Stressful


Traveling to a new destination can be a stressful experience, as it's often easy to get lost while driving. On the other hand, riding on a bus frees you from stress and makes it much easier to enjoy your trip.




A benefit of buses is that they have a much smaller carbon footprint compared to other methods of transportation. Buses use much less energy compared to planes, trains, and it's more eco-friendly than at least 30 vehicles.


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BestBus specializes in luxury travel for many customers each day. Our bus trips begin from Manassas and Vienna directly to New York City without any extra stops. We also provide a rewards program, whether you want to sign up for our free or VIP treatment. You can earn a point for every dollar spent or two points per dollar spent for VIP members. Each member will also gain better flexibility in rescheduling trips and access to special deals.


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