5 Advantages of Taking a Bus from New York to Washington DC

Apr. 1, 2021

Whether you want to plan a weekend seeing the sights in our nation’s capital or simply need to travel regularly from New York to DC, taking a bus from New York to Washington DC with BestBus can have a host of advantages.


Here are just a few!


1. Affordable Rates


One of the foremost reasons for choosing to travel between New York and Washington, DC, by bus rather than air is because it’s much more affordable. Of course, your bus fare will depend on how far you’re traveling and when you book your ticket, but it’s still a fraction of the price of traveling by air.


2. It’s Safe & Reliable


When traveling by bus between New York and DC, you’ll never be stuck on the tarmac for hours waiting for the green light to take off! Traveling by bus is much safer and more reliable than other alternatives, making it a great choice for those who have to make the trip regularly. There is also a variety of drop-off points for your convenience.


3. Daily Trips


Do you need to travel to New York or DC for a day trip? No problem. Bus services like BestBus offer daily trips at your convenience that make it possible to go back and forth in one day comfortably and quickly.


4. Comfort


One of the biggest advantages of traveling by bus is that not only is it extremely convenient, but comfortable as well. You’ll have access to all of today’s modern conveniences at a fraction of the price. Need to work while traveling? No problem, as all of BestBus’ motorcoaches offer free wireless access. 


5. Accessibility


Whether you want to book a bus trip for months down the road or one on the fly, it’s easy to do so. Traveling by bus is much more accessible than other alternatives, making it easy to find the trip you want when it’s most convenient for you.


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