It is hard to miss our new
blue buses on the road.
They are as modern and
comfortable as they are
impressive and outstanding. 

Equipped with the latest 
technology, our new buses
offer the latest technology
and safety features the
industry has to offer 
to make sure your travel 
experience will be as smooth 
and enjoyable as the ride.

The bus's sleek interior offers the latest amenities 
available in the motor coach market today

- Cushioned reclining seats
- Personal AC vent
- Personal reading lights
- Power outlet on every seat
- Free Wi-Fi
- On board restrooms and more…

We want to be sure that you’ll be 
comfortable and connected throughout your trip. 

Our late model buses are also
equipped with
a wheelchair lift
that can accommodate 
up to 2 wheel-chaired
passengers on board each bus. 

It is important for us
to be inclusive so that
ALL can enjoy our
exceptional service.

Bestbus Fleet features