How BestBus Gets You the Best Travel Deals & More

June 16, 2021
BestBus Best Travel Deals & More


At BestBus we not only offer great bus travel deals and easy online bookings/purchases, but we also have numerous COVID-19 protocols and processes in place to protect all of our customers. So, here are some reasons to choose us for your next trip!


Travel Deals with BestBus Rewards Program

We’re proud to offer two types of memberships to our customers. The first one is a regular membership that provides you with numerous benefits and is absolutely free. The second is a VIP membership, which affords you amazing deals and benefits all for the low price of $49.99 a year. As a VIP member, you can earn 2 points for every dollar you spend, while with a regular membership, you can earn one point per dollar spent - you’ll get 8 points for every dollar for the ticket price.


Tickets & Perks for VIPs

As a member, you’ll also have the ability to reschedule your trip within two hours of its departure and you can enjoy discounts on every ticket purchase. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of our VIP membership is that if you take more than two roundtrips with BestBus each year, you’ll get a free ticket (this pretty much will pay for your membership).


How BestBus Protects You

We understand that in these uncertain times, it can be difficult to feel safe during travel and in your everyday life. That’s why we want to ensure all our riders that we take your health and COVID-19 extremely seriously.


Some of our COVID-19 safety protocols include…

  • Our BestBus team thoroughly sanitizes buses after each trip. You’ll never have to worry about getting on a BestBus bus that isn’t completely sanitized and clean.
  • In order to board our buses, you will have to pass a temperature touchless thermometer check.
  • Buses are running at 50% capacity to guarantee proper social distancing can occur.
  • Facemasks are not an optional choice: with BestBus, facemasks are mandatory. Not only will you be required to wear a mask as you board our bus, but you will also need to keep it on for the entirety of your bus trip. If you are traveling with a child under the age of two, or with someone with underlying breathing issues, exceptions will be made.


 Get Online Bus Bookings & Travel Deals Now

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