Why Take the Bus From New York To Washington DC?

Mar. 10, 2021

As coronavirus restrictions start to lift around the country, more and more people are looking for opportunities to take day trips and weekenders - such as going from NYC to DC.  There are numerous ways you could make the trip, and most people might choose to drive themselves, or take a plane.

However, one of the best options is to take a luxury bus from New York to Washington DC.  In terms of price vs comfort, it's hard to do better.  You can make an affordable trip, and ride in style the whole way.

Five Reasons Taking A Luxury Bus From New York To Washington DC Is A Great Idea

1. Save money

Buses are extremely economical, compared to just about any other method of transportation you can choose.  They're cheaper than airplanes by far, and also usually less expensive than renting a car and making the drive.  You might even pay more in gas alone than it takes to ride the bus.

2. Safe transportation

Standard passenger buses are among the safest vehicles on the road, with numerous safety features that protect you even in the event of an accident.  When you take a luxury bus from New York to Washington DC you can ride knowing that you and your family will be safe in virtually any situation.

3. Ride in comfort

Modern luxury buses are one of the most comfortable ways to travel.  You get big comfortable seats and plenty of legroom - unlike airplanes.  There are also plenty of amenities, such as per-seat electrical outlets and onboard Wi-Fi.  Plus, of course, there's the ultimate comfort of being able to sit back and relax rather than stressing over driving yourself.

4. Plenty of trips per day

Since buses are so economical to run, most luxury bus companies make multiple trips per day between popular destinations.  This makes it easy to plan a trip that fits your schedule, with plenty of options for departing and returning.

5. Customer-friendly policies

If you've flown lately, you know how airlines and airports treat their customers - and it's not good.  Luxury bus services have policies which are much more customer-friendly, including less invasive security, and easy rescheduling of trips.

BestBus offers luxury bus service from New York to Washington DC, as well as other major stops in Delaware and Virginia.  If you want a quick and easy weekend getaway, click here to reserve your tickets!