How to Cope with Quarantine Life & Working from Home

June 8, 2020

With COVID-19, many of use are either staying at home to work or perhaps not working at all. While quarantine life is a reality for many, that doesn't mean it’s easy. Our BestBus family wanted to list a few ways and tips that may make working from home, and being at home, easier during this pandemic.


  • Try to See the Silver Lining

    While it can be difficult to think positively during a situation like this, sometimes you have to. Rather than looking at it like you are being forced to work from home, think about some of the positives it can bring. Not only will you save time on travel, but all of your overhead costs will also disappear like gas, transit, lunches, coffees, etc.

    Also, you can use some of that extra time you would have been commuting to either spend with your family, or you can use it to better yourself with some meditation or reading.


  • Stick to Your Work Schedule & Routine

    As tempting as it may be to sleep in right until you have to work, sticking to your normal schedule can keep your productivity up and make you less likely to form bad habits. Try to take your breaks and eat your meals as you normally would have pre-quarantine.

     If you are not working, still try to get wakeup and keep as much of your normal schedule as you can. And always use spare time in a positive manner – i.e. exercise, read, meditate, etc.


  • Keep Your TV and Technology at Bay

    While we all want to keep updated on current events and new COVID-19 developments, try to avoid doing so throughout the day. If you would usually watch the news at 6, then keep it that way and try not to lose focus and time constantly searching for updates.

    Also, keep the same in mind for your phone and tablets. Unless you need them for work, don’t have them by your side at all times. Try storing them away in a different room until you are done work.


  • Clean & Improve Your Home

Maybe you are only working part-time, or perhaps only for a certain amount of time. If that is the case, try to use your spare time to clean your home and improve your living and workspace. We know this can be easier said than done for those with children but just try your best.


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