How to Support NYC Nightlife During Social Distancing & COVID-19

Apr. 6, 2020

New York City is one of the most popular tourist attractions and is famous for all of the amazing and fun night activities it has to offer. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the city and residents are dealing with an unprecedented time, where social distancing is crucial for helping NY and residents stay healthy. While it may be some time until we can get back to our normal routines, there are still some great ways that we can support NYC nightlife and businesses while we quarantine.

Our team at BestBus highlights some ways you can support the New York nightlife scene and businesses.

  • Taverns & Bars

    While we cannot go out and see our friends at our favorite bar or tavern in New York City, that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy and support them during this difficult time. Many bars are now offering takeout and delivery options that even include alcohol (due to interim state law changes). Not only is this a great option for diversifying your food options during quarantine, but it is also an amazing way of helping your favorite NYC bars – all of which have seen a drastic drop in business due to COVID-19.

  • Theatre & Comedy Spots

New York City has been a cornerstone of comedy and live theatre for decades. But just because you cannot go and see a live show no, doesn't mean you can't now or in the future! Many venues will be live streaming shows until they are able to entertain live crowds again. Also, if you can, buying tickets to future shows is a great show of support (as well as donating or purchasing gift cards to venues).

Grab a Bus Ticket to New York with BestBus

At BestBus, we pride ourselves on providing bus tickets and services to New York and other great locations in America. While COVID-19 is currently making normalcy hard, we will all get through this. What better way of supporting NYC than coming to visit it in the future. We offer a range of different stops and bus options, including our Prime Bus options that feature such amenities as free Wi-Fi and a bottle of water, extra legroom, and more. Contact our team for more information about our routes and services.