Taking A Trip Between Delaware and NYC? Travel in Luxury with BestBus!

June 24, 2019

Are you planning a trip between Delaware and New York City?  There are plenty of options on how to get around - and you might be surprised to know just how many reasons there are to take the bus.  That is, BestBus!

BestBus is dedicated to providing highly affordable luxury bus service around New England, including plenty of runs between DE and NYC!  You won't find an easier, more affordable ride - while still bringing you plenty of amenities that make the trip a breeze.

Four Reasons to Take BestBus The Next Time You're Traveling Between DE and NYC

1 - Taking the bus means no stress on your car

Why put the miles and stress on your own vehicle when you don't have to?  For that matter, why put the stress on yourself if you don't have to?  When you take BestBus, we handle everything for you.  You can just sit back and relax while the miles roll by.

And relaxing is easy on BestBus.

2 - When we say "luxury" we mean it

Our seats have been chosen specifically to make for the most comfortable bus ride you've probably ever been on.  With our Prime Bus option, we have extra-wide reclining leather seats, complete with armrests and a folding tray for meals or electronic devices.  You get plenty of legroom as well!  We make sure you have all the space you need for an enjoyable ride, rather than getting crammed in like sardines on an airplane. T

3 - Extra amenities keep the ride comfortable

You always get more with BestBus.  Every seat has its own personal 110V outlet under the seat, perfect for charging smartphones or powering laptops.  We also give you free Wi-Fi, as well as access to a collection of streaming movies.  There's no need to worry about your batteries running out - you'll always have entertainment with BestBus.

4 - Prices that simply cannot be beat

Our prices start at seventeen dollars.  Can you even drive from NYC to DE on $17 in gas?  It would be difficult!  And that's certainly nothing like the prices you'd pay if you flew, took the train, or rented a car.

BestBus Gets You There in Style

When you look at the benefits, it's clear that BestBus is the best way to travel between DE and NYC!  With convenient stops at Penn Station in Manhattan, and either Rehoboth Beach or Dewey Beach in Delaware, it's easy to choose BestBus.  Reserve your ticket today!