Book Your Bus Tour This Spring for NYC & Enjoy These Activities

May 21, 2019

With the warm weather starting and spring in full force, lots of people are looking for ways to start taking in the sun and enjoying the city. If you want to get bus tickets to New York and enjoy its parks, street fairs, an food festivals, the BestBus team knows just the things to see to make your trip as memorable as possible.

The Best Spring Activities New York Has to Offer

* The Orchid Show

Spring is a time of new beginnings, and The Orchid Show is a great event with a 2019 theme of Singapore. The 17th annual flora festival features a display with thousands of orchids in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Of course, there will also be special Orchid Evenings for visitors that want to enjoy that attraction under the night sky and see the supertrees alongside an amazing display of lights.

* The Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival

When you attend the Sakura Matsuri you’ll have the chance to take in everything from Taiko drummers, J-rock bands, samurai-sword masters, and stand-up comics across the festival’s two stages. Not only that, you can enjoy an art gallery, a Japanese tearoom, and a mini flea market with silk wraps, wall scrolls, Raaka Chocolate, and flowers.

* Shakespeare in the Park

When the weather warms up, New York’s favorite outdoor theater — also free of charge — beings its new season. And this year, it kicks off with Tony Award-winning director Kenny Leon’s modernized play of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, a comedy that follows miscommunication and romantic retribution. Just be sure to plan your trip accordingly so you can get to Delacorte Theater by noon at the latest on performance day to pick up your tickets!

* Frieze New York

An expansive art festival with artwork from 200 international galleries, Frieze New York gives you all day to immerse yourself in all of the indoor and outdoor projects. To top it off, you can also take in the Manhattan views and enjoy some panel discussions.

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