4 Advantages of Traveling by Bus from Maryland to NYC
Oct. 5, 2018

Whether it’s for work, to visit family or a weekend getaway, there is no shortage of options when traveling between Maryland and New York City. But to help you narrow down your choice, BestBus has come up with a helpful list of some of the advantages of taking a bus from Maryland to NYC.



Airlines change fares regularly and you always end up paying more the closer you book to your departure date, or if availability is limited. With BestBus you pay the same fee no matter what time of day, or which date you leave on.


Travel to and From Airports

Whether you’re driving to the airport and parking in the long-term lot or taking a taxi, there’s always an additional cost and time to factor into your travels. The same applies at your destination. But traveling by bus from Maryland to NYC prevents you from worrying about such things and helps you save.


Free WiFi

If you have to use travel time to catch up on work or get in touch with friends, you’ll want to be connected on your journey. Planes charge for WiFi, but with BestBus taking care of the driving you’ll be able to connect free of charge as soon as you’re in your seat.


Total Travel Time

We’ve already gone over how you have to get to and from the airport when flying, but you also have to arrive well ahead of time to check-in and go through security. Once you’ve arrived you have to wait at baggage claim for your luggage. With BestBus you check-in minutes and have your bags almost immediately once you arrive.  


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