BestBus Is Proud to Now Be Part of The DC Trails Family

August 10, 2018 - Lorton, VA - BestBus is going to another level, thanks to their new partnership with the DC Trails family of bus companies.


In June 2018, a deal was finalized giving DC Trails ownership of the BestBus booking services - but this will not affect the high quality of service BestBus customers and VIP members have come to enjoy.  It will instead bring numerous new features and options, allowing BestBus to continue striving towards being the very best bus option for New England travel.


This partnership with DC Trails allows BestBus to own and operate its own buses, making for a much smoother and easier experience for riders.  Their Hop-On/Hop-Off tour services will continue as normal, and BestBus anticipates being able to further expand their offerings in terms of both tours and direct travel between cities. 


In particular, BestBus is looking forward to the delivery of fifteen new VanHool buses.  These 2018 models will deliver a truly unmatched luxury ride on trips between DC and NYC, as well as all the other stops which are part of the BestBus travel routes.  Travelers will continue to enjoy all the amenities they expect from BestBus-chartered buses, including free Wi-Fi and electricity, but in the most modern and comfortable of motor coaches. 


The DC Trails acquisition of BestBus only means good things for BestBus as a company, and for its travelers.  This New England bus success story is only going to get better in the future. 


About BestBus


BestBus began in 2007 as DC2NY, a part of the Chariots for Hire Bus company, and immediately began to distinguish itself with luxury-class service offerings at affordable price points.  Features such as plush reclinable seats, free electricity and Wi-Fi, and easy ticket rescheduling made DC2NY/BestBus into an overnight success.  Now with stops in DC, NYC, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware, BestBus is among the best luxury bus companies in New England.


For more information or press inquiries, call (866) 688-1653.