New York City’s Top Holiday Attractions

Dec. 11, 2019

From classic holiday films like Home Alone 2 to the mesmerizing decorations found on every street corner, New York City is the perfect place to visit during the holidays. Bus tickets are a convenient and affordable way to get to the heart of New York during this festive season.

Our team at BestBus has described some of our favorite things to do in New York City during a holiday visit.

Top things to see and do during the holidays in NYC

  • Visit the holiday markets

    During the holidays, visitors can find festive markets full of local and international vendors across New York City, selling a range of unique products, and delicious food. For a whole day of festive fun, travelers can head to Bryant Park and enjoy their Winter Village, which is complete with a massive skating rink, countless food stalls, and other vendors.

    If you are limited on time, a visit to the holiday markets at Columbus Circle is a great way to get your shopping fix and indulge in some winter treats, as this market is positioned at the edge of Central Park, as well as 5th Avenue, which are some of New York's hottest attractions year-round. Best Bus offers business class tickets to New York for a quick, comfortable journey to the city.

  • See the Rockefeller Christmas tree

    No holiday trip to New York is complete without a visit to the magnificent Christmas tree at Rockefeller Centre. Featured in many of the greatest holiday movies, and towering over passersby at a height of up to 100 feet, this iconic display is not to be missed during a winter bus trip to New York.

  • Take advantage of photo opportunities

    New York features some of the most magical, over-the-top seasonal decorations in the world. From the giant Christmas ornaments on 6th Avenue to the city's iconic department store window displays, these impressive decorations are hard to miss and make for great photo opportunities.

  • Explore NYC museums

For a way to see some of the city’s most important museums, and enjoy classic NYC holiday festivities, museums such as the Met and the American Museum of Natural History offer some incredible holiday displays. Tickets to these museums will complete your holiday bus trip to New York with beautiful Christmas tree displays and handmade origami ornaments.

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